The Problem Water Specialists for your home and business.

EcoWater's highly skilled, factory-trained water service specialists are unsurpassed.  Our passion for service is unmatched in its professionalism and efficiency, while our field water service specialists have both the knowledge and the experience to accurately diagnose virtually any problem and repair it quickly.

When you call EcoWater Systems, you will speak with a trained customer service representative who will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries.  For specialized technical support, they will direct your call to the appropriate technical personnel to answer all of your questions and assist you in a professional, courteous manner.  

It all began well over half a century ago, when grandfather Lawrence Myers started a modest ice and coal delivery business.
With the advent of electrical refrigeration, the landscape changed forever in Indiana, and so did the sights of the Myers patriarch who discovered that water, not ice or coal, was really in his "blood."

Today, the largest dealer of Water Softeners, Pool Chemicals, Water Softening Salt, Coffee and IceMelt in Wabash, Huntington and Miami Counties, is run by Laurence's son Stan and grandsons Brian and Jeff, who literally all grew up in the business.

If almost Sixty-Five years of being in business teaches you anything... it's to offer Great equipment and Great Service at fair prices and everything else will take care of itself..." 

Stan Myers

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When you call EcoWater Systems, a skilled customer service representative will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries. They will also direct your call to the appropriate personnel to answer any of your questions and ALWAYS assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

CONTACT US or call us TODAY at 1-800-521-7484 for a FREE WATER ANALYSIS!

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What the best Science, Products and People... mean to YOU.

With the launch of our new world-class ServiCenter in 2000, EcoWater Systems now boasts a large, state-of-the-art warehousing facility for procurement of bulk purchasing - reducing cost for our customers.  With the opening of our second customer facility in Huntington in 2006, we have doubled our servicing footprint in Northeastern Indiana.

EcoWater Systems has expanded its offerings in the last decade beyond traditional water treatment services into POOL AND SPA WATER TREATMENT, CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS and most recently, in 2007, retail and office COFFEE sales. 

Here today…here tomorrow

Not just where we do business, but where we live. 

With strong community roots, this is not just a place where we work, but also a place where we live in.  In fact, we are long time supporters of the local YMCA, ARC of Wabash County, Elks, United Fund, Wabash County Convention Visitors Bureau, the American Legion and local Chamber of Commerce.

Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan at EcoWater Systems.  It is a fundamental part of our belief system in everything we do.

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