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When buying a product, you should look at much more than what the product will do for you.  You should look at its promise of performance.  That is, its ability to perform in years to come.  This is especially important when purchasing appliances and other relatively high-end durable goods, such as a complete water system for your home.

  • Consider the warranties on the product and remember that a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.
  • Consider parts and service.  A quality water system should last a long time, but like any machine may occasionally need service.  Is the company going to be around to furnish parts and service when you need them?
  • EcoWater Systems gives you the EcoWater Systems Consumer Protection Package.  It's the best warranty and assurance package you'll find in the industry.


Certified to serve you properly!  Our staff has earned the following licenses and certifications:

• WQA Certified Installers
• EcoWater Systems Certified Sales Representatives
• EcoWater Systems Certified Service Technicians

Our top of the line products from EcoWater Systems have earned these certifications:

• WQA Gold Seal
• NSF International
• UL Recognized Component Seal
• The EcoWater Advantage Warranty



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