Try our drive through service.  Never get out of your car and no need to handle those heavy salt bags anymore!


Salt can be picked up or delivered in any quantity you desire. If we have access to your home, we can deliver the salt right to the softener. The salt tank will be filled and empty bags removed. If this is not possible, we can leave salt at your residence, anywhere directed by you.   

Our premium quality salt is available in 80#, 50#, and 40# bags.

We feature Cargill Products: Duracube, Diamond Crystal and Pro's Pick.



Pro's Pick® Red-Out® Dura-Cube®

Hightest Purity Softener Salt with Iron-Fighter® Formula


This premium purity water softener salt contains up to 99.8% pure salt.  It is formulated for use when iron content in water is high.  It contains an effective additive that helps preven rust stains.  100% water soluatble and it minimize buildup in your brine tank to keep your water softening unit running smoothly.  



Pro's Pick® Dura-Cube®


This premium quality salt is exclusively available through professional water treatment dealers.  Our Dura-Cube® salt is uniquely compacted for hadness to prevent mushing and bridging in the brine tank.  This helps to keep your softener clean and trouble-free. 

Diamond Crystal®

Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt makes it easy to transform hard water to soft by removing minerals from hard water, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and even barium.


Eco Melt Ice Melter


Eco Melt Ice Melter de-icing salt in 50 lb. bags is a high performance, top-end Ice Melter without the extra cost.  This Sodium Chloride based product with an accelerator melts to -5°F.  If you have a large parking lot or lots of walkway that must stay relatively clear, and you have budget constraints, this is the ideal for solution for you.


Great pricing, great product and great service for anyone with a softener or for commercial applications including schools, farms and industrial where we offer quantity discounts for bulk or pallet orders.  Click here or call us at 800-521-7484 for more information or to place an order.


EcoWater Systems is here to help you with all your salt delivery needs. Call us at 260-563-7484 (Wabash) or 260-356-5000 (Huntington).